How To Activate Windows 10 by phone (After March 2020 Update)

How To Activate Windows 10 by phone (After March 2020 Update)

Sometimes we can't activate Windows 10 online and error codes like 0xC004C003 and 0xC004C008 appear while the product key is valid, so we need to use the Activation By Phone.

After March 2020, The updated versions of Windows 10 will have a new method to use the activation by phone.

If your windows 10 has an update version after March 2020 and you encounter any issues during activation, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Activation and click on "Change product key". If once you enter the product key, you are shown activation error codes like 0xC004C003 or 0xC004C008.

windows 10 activation error 0xC004C003

  1. The option "Activate by phone" must appear in blue letters. Click there and the window for activation by phone will open.

activate windows 10 by phone

  1. Select your country then Next.

Windows10 activate by phone select country

  1. Call one of the provided phone numbers for a Microsoft Product Activation Center. It would be better to call the toll free number. An automatic voice-over will answer and It will ask you to enter the numbers that appear as installation ID, one group after another, until you insert the 9th.

windows 10 activation toll

  1. Once this has been done, a locution will answer you and list a series of numbers that you have to introduce in each block associated with a letter. We recommend having paper and pen at hand to write the numbers that the locution lists. Then you will enter them into the computer.

windows 10 phone activation confirmation

  1. Once you have written the confirmation ID, just hit "Activate Windows" and that's it!